Research on stress and snacking

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The lab is part of the Psychiatry Research Institute of Montefiore and Einstein (PRIME) in the Departments of Neuroscience and Psychiatry. We are affiliated with the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Einstein and the Psychiatry and Medicine departments at Montefiore. We’re hiring!

Research in the lab will focus on the neural circuit mechanisms governing the interaction of stress with fundamental motivated behavior, specifically focusing on the mechanisms of neuromodulators and hormones involved in dynamic homeostatic processes. We are interested in how these processes may underlie diseases such as obesity or anorexia nervosa and collaborate with clinical researchers often.

The key priorities of the lab are high quality science, mentoring and training, clear scientific communication, and a supportive, inclusive and collaborative environment. All team members are expected to consistently demonstrate our values of integrity, compassion, inclusion, teamwork, excellence and innovation in their work activities and interactions.

We are recruiting outstanding candidates at all levels. Underrepresented minorities in science and medicine are encouraged to apply.

The Ross lab is located on the 3rd floor at the Rose F Kennedy Center for Neuroscience Building at 1410 Pelham Pkwy S, The Bronx, NY, 10461.

Post-doctoral Fellow If you are looking for a post-doctoral fellowship opportunity, please email Rachel (see contact page) with a description of your interests (no more than 1 page), a brief statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion engagement (no more than 1 page, your CV, and contact information for three references. Prior experience in at least one of these areas of expertise is preferred: calcium imaging / in vivo photometry, mouse behavioral tasks, molecular biology, high dimensional analyses of neuronal data (or biological data in general), electrophysiology, 2-photon microscopy, computer programming and electronics.

MD/PhD or Graduate Student If you are a current Einstein student interested in rotating in the lab, please send an email to Rachel (see contact page) directly with your CV, a brief description of your interests, and your engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts (no more than 1 page).

Research Assistant We do not currently have any open positions for a research assistant, but please use the form below with a brief description of your interests, your engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and your CV. Prior experience in a laboratory is preferred.

Undergraduate or Medical Student Trainee If you are a current student at Einstein or in the tri-state area and interested in conducting research in the lab, please consider this excellent, paid Summer Undergraduate Research Program at Einstein, which provides a unique opportunity to work for the summer on campus. Please also email Rachel (see contact page) with your CV, a brief description of your interests, and your engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts (no more than 1 page).

High school summer interns On hold due to COVID, but please be in touch via the contact page if interested. Look out for the fantastic Einstein-Montefiore Summer High School Research Program, which introduces high school students age 16 and older to the excitement of leading-edge scientific research.